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Latest Results Of Picks:

Date Team 1 / Team 2 The Result Serious Tip
16 Sep 2019 Vitebsk - FC Gomel Win FC Gomel +0.5 AH
15 Sep 2019 Aue - Osnabruck Win Aue 0 AH
15 Sep 2019 Maritimo - Belenenses - PT Win Both to Score
14 Sep 2019 Leganes - Villarreal Win Over 2.5
13 Sep 2019 Sesvete - Din. Zagreb 2 Loss Both to Score
12 Sep 2019 Ironi Rishon - H. Akko Win Under 2.5
11 Sep 2019 Krasno - Trnava Win Over 3.5
10 Sep 2019 B 1908 - Hvidovre Win Over 3.5
09 Sep 2019 Trollhattan - Skovde AIK Win Both to Score
08 Sep 2019 Alta - Asane Win Over 3.5
07 Sep 2019 Boreham Wood - Dover Ath. Win Both to Score
06 Sep 2019 Germany - Netherlands Win Over 2.5
05 Sep 2019 Ireland - Switzerland Win Under 2.5
04 Sep 2019 G Osaka - FC Tokyo Win G Osaka 0 AH
03 Sep 2019 Barrow - Hartlepool Loss Both to Score
03 Sep 2019 Chesterfield - Halifax - PT Win Both to Score
02 Sep 2019 Stuttgart - Bochum Draw Stuttgart -1 AH
01 Sep 2019 Rennes - Nice Loss Rennes To Win
31 Aug 2019 Chelsea - Sheffield Utd Win Over 2.5
31 Aug 2019 Reading - Charlton - PT Win Under 2.5
30 Aug 2019 F. Amager - Naestved Loss Both to Score
29 Aug 2019 Wolves - Torino Win Over 2.5
28 Aug 2019 Club Brugge - LASK Linz Win Club Brugge To Win
27 Aug 2019 Shamrock Rovers - Waterford Win Over 2.5
27 Aug 2019 Krasnodar - Olympiakos - PT Win Over 2.5
26 Aug 2019 Ural - Sochi Win Ural 0 AH
25 Aug 2019 Ham-Kam - Notodden Win Over 2.5
24 Aug 2019 Fulham - Nottingham Loss Fulham To Win
23 Aug 2019 Le Havre - Grenoble Win Le Havre To Win
22 Aug 2019 Legia - Rangers Win Under 2.5
21 Aug 2019 Leeds - Brentford Win Leeds To Win
20 Aug 2019 Accrington - Shrewsbury Win Both to Score


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In other words, statisticians around the world are constantly collecting data about things like...

  • Each football team's historical and short term performances against other teams
  • Each player's probability of scoring in any given match against any given team, or when guarded by any specific defender...
  • How each player performs based on the EXACT temperature at match time...
  • How the position of the sun during the game affects each team's win percentage (there are actually huge differences for certain teams, you'd be shocked)
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Binomial distribution is a concept in probability theory that can accurately predict the number of successes in any sequence of independent events.

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